Twitter chats

Last night and tonight, I participated in two different Twitter chats, #pinchat and #blogchat. I  have gained a lot more yesterday than today. The main reason, too many people tonight.

Twitter chats are a very good way to learn some tools for doing social business and I had a lot of fun by chatting with total strangers. Soon enough, strangers become friends. When  there are not that many people in the chat, you can catch up easily and have time to retweet and reply to others. On the other hand, if there are many people, the tweets are running too fast. It’s almost impossible to follow. When you tried to reply or retweet, the entry quickly scroll down a screen or two.

After the chat, I went to to get the statistics for this the chat hashtag #blogchat. It showed 1500 tweets. One can see, within 1 hour, at least 1300 tweets were posted, average less than 3 seconds per tweet. For a slow reader like me, it’s  like running 1500 meter with pros. I had to give up about half way.



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