A picture is worth a thousand words

Yesterday, the keypad garage door opener stopped working. It’s apparent that the battery ran out. I tried to open it to replace the battery. The model of the garage door opener is Genie Intellicode wireless keypad opener. When the keypad cover was slid up, one can see the battery is in the compartment below the keypad.

How should I open the compartment? Do I have to ply somewhere to open it up? Do I have to take the entire unit down?

A Google search found several links. From Genie site, I found this link. If you search “replace battery”, you would find an answer without clear instructions, and there are no pictures given. So you don’t know whether that’s what you are looking for, and the instructions are not linked (“click here to..” didn’t give any hyperlink.).

eHow gave some instructions at here. I was grateful, but was stuck at step 2. What did they mean by “indentation”? If they gave an image like the following and say press the indentation at the red circle, it’s much easier to understand and there would be no confusions.

Once the cover is opened, it’s a no -brainer.

I don’t understand why sometimes people don’t take a little more effort to illustrate the procedure. This could save a lot of time for customers. I fully understand now “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

I am also document the process here, because I may forget this myself.


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