Gregory D Evans: the Hacker

Gregory D Evans is famous. He had appeared on TV shows, University platforms, security conferences keynote speakers. He’s an example of a soul coming back from the dark side. According to his own web site,

He reminds me of Skywalker from Star Wars. I kept comparing him with Anakin, the young Skywalker. Without a doubt, both Evans and Skywalker were extremely talented. At young age, they were able to master high difficult skills in their own fields.

Anakin became the best of Jedis though he was trained relatively late. He fought hard with his masters against the dark force, and won the love and blessing of Padame Amidala. However, gradually he became more and more obsessed with hatred and revenge, personal feelings overcame the duty as a Jedi. This was taken advantaged by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, eventually became his tool to take down the Jedi temple and completely fell to the dark side, and transformed into Darth Vader.

Gregory started his hacking career since 7th grader. He broke into the school system to change fellow students’ grades for money. He stole money from banks, millions of dollars. He was self-claimed “World’s No. 1 hacker”, had been arrested and convicted felon by the FBI and law enforcement. It’s reported that he was charged to owe millions for his felony. He was also accused of plagiarism, fraud and unethical practices in the security industry. Many don’t believe he is who he claimed to be.

He had turned around since and now helps FBI to try to catch the bad guys, to educate public about cyber threats, and to give speeches about importance of cyber security. He’s the founder and CEO of security firm LIGATT,

Whether he is like what he was accused or not, it can be investigated and discussed. I don’t want to be judgemental here. What I want to say is that even you had been convicted in the past, you are still welcome to be on the right side of the fight. Your hacking knowledge may be invaluable. Continuously doing unethical hacking for personal gain will likely be considered as a threat to national security. Although you may say I am not a bad guy, real bad guys or even nation sponsored terrorists could advantage of the murky water to cause real damage or massive loss of life, like 911 type of attack.

Now is a critical time for security experts to form a strong alliance with former and current hackers who’s willing to participate in a constructive dialog, to create a strong defense to protect the nation and the Internet. Otherwise, we may really lose the war against cyber terrorists and hostile nations.


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