The Security experts I follow on Twitter

My primary interests are cloud, social media, and security. Anything related to information, web, data, and computer security would attract my attentions. So I spent a lot of time to try to find what security experts research on and are interested in. So I compiled my own list of security experts. I watch their tweets daily and learn what they blog and talk about. It is a public list and you are free to follow (@fangfeng88/security). Here is the top 30 in the list (format is “name | @handle: blog site | job”):

Bruce Schneier | @schneierblog: | the Chief Security Technology Officer of BT.

Graham Cluley | @gcluley: | Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos

Mikko Hypponen | @mikko: | F-Secure Chief Research Officer

Eugene Kaspersky | @e_kaspersky: | Chairman and CEO, Kaspersky Lab;

Luis Corrons | @Luis_Corrons: PandaLabs Technical Director –  Spokesperson

Christien Rioux | @dildog: | Chief Scientist & Co-founder of Veracode

Kevin Mitnick | @kevinmitnick: | CEO, Mitnick Security Consulting LLC

Sean-Paul Correll | @lithium: | Threat Researcher at Panda Security and Founder of Malware Database.

Dave Marcus | @davemarcus: Director of security research at McAfee Labs

E J Hilbert | @ejhilbert: | Managing Director at Kroll Cyber Security and Information Assurance

Stewart Room | @StewartRoom: | London-based lawyer practising in privacy, data protection and data security law.

Josh Corman | @joshcorman: | Co-Founder of Rugged Software

Mike Dahn | @mikd: | Director of Threat and Vulnerability Management at PricewaterhouseCoopers

Aaron Portnoy | @aaronportnoy: | Manager of the Security Research Team at TippingPoint Technologies

Rafal Los | @Wh1t3Rabbit: | Chief Security Evangelist at HP Software

Bill Brenner | @billbrenner70: | Managing Editor at CSOonline and CSO magazine, part of CXO Media and IDG Enterprise

Richard Bejtlich | @taosecurity: | Chief security office at Mandiant

Gene Kim | @realgenekim: | Founder and former CTO of Tripwire, Inc

Alex Hutton | @alexhutton: | Director of Operational Risk at Verizon

Anton Chuvakin | @anton_chuvakin:  | Research Director at Gartner

Adam Ely | @adamely: | CISO of Heroku at

Brian Krebs | @briankrebs: | computer, internet security journalist

Christofer Hoff | @beaker: | Chief Security Office at Juniper

George Hulme | @georegvhulme:  | Business & Technology Journalist

Martin McKeay | @mckeay: | Security Evangelist at Akamai

Eric Jacksch | @EricJacksch: | Ottawa-based security professional

Dan Mintz | @technogeezer: | Chief Operating Officer at Powertek Corporation

Nick Shelby | @nselby: | CEO and co-founder of Cambridge Infosec Associates, Inc

Kenneth Smith | @ken5m1th: | Senior information security solution architect, GreenPages Technology Solutions

Thomas Wilhelm | @thomas_wilhelm: | the “Hacker Junkie”

Dave Lewis | @gattaca: | | security practitioner

I listed the top 30 names, but the Twitter list “security” contains more than 200 names, many of them are well-known security experts.


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