Why I don’t follow you?

I normally would follow back to people as a general rule, because I believe I could contribute to the content of the Internet. Based on this belief, I consider the more people follow me, the bigger an audience I can reach. The following set of tweeps I normally do not follow.

– You have hundreds even thousands of followers, but you have only a few tweets. This clearly tells me your followers are fake ones and I don’t care how you get them to follow you.

– You don’t have a profile or bio. I don’t know your purpose to use Twitter.

– Your only tweets are promoting your own business and they don’t contribute to the community.

– Early you followed me and I followed back, but later I found you unfollowed me. In that case, I would immediately unfollow.you. I think this is the basic mutual respect. If you don’t like my tweets, let me know. 

– Your only purpose is sex. 

– Your taste is low, or like to use bad language. 


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