Empire Avenue’s Century Club

Yesterday, my Empire Avenue Stock is at 99.37. I believe the share price will be in 100’s territory. When your share price reaches 100, you are officially admitted into the “Century Club” on Empire Avenue. I think it’s time for me to summarize my experience with Empire Avenue.

I started Empire Avenue about 4 and half months ago. I have heard the game before I started. At that time, I was checking my Klout scores daily, but have heard some negative comments about Klout. I was having hard time to keep my Klout scores going up. I was pretty active on Twitter and thought I should have better scores. I also tried some other social measurement sites and was not happy with the results. When I found EA through searching online, I thought it may be a good idea to give it a try. How bad could it hurt?

So initially I considered EA as a way of measuring my social activities. As I said, I was pretty active on Twitter at the time and was much less active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google +. My stock price went up quickly at beginning just like many other newbies, because my Twitter account looked decent. After the initial drive, my stock stopped growing and there are some days you could see negative. I was totally lost about what happened. Worse, I got sold by some, which drove my stock further south.

I felt panic, just as I had experienced with Klout before. Although I stayed active on Twitter, it didn’t help much on my stock sliding trend. That’s when I decided to add all my social accounts. I added Foursquare, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Flickr. When Google+ was made available, I immediately added it. Also I started this blog at that time. Adding these accounts boosted my social engagement and participation on all different channels. My stock started grow again.

I started asking questions about EA and joined some Facebook groups and EA communities. I started Pinterest about this time. The engagement on Facebook caught attentions of EA vets. I was then invited to join Dom’s Picks and EAs Chat, organized by Des Daughter Diethylstilbestrol and Jeroen van Zelst. These groups help me opening up more interactions with Facebook friends. I also learned a lot about Facebook and EA. Two important lessons I learned are (1) how to select and complete EA missions more responsibly; and (2) how to make new friends in EA and Facebook. By helping others in EA and Facebook, I gained trust from people who I never knew before.

I created my first missions to celebrate Mother’s Day in US (May 10th) by giving 2000 eaves away to anyone. A lot of positive feedback came in. This taught me a lesson, most people are decent and we should trust them to reward good gestures and good will. I then set up a goal to help people’s missions with good cause.

I have to tell you this, on my birthday (May 19th), I replaced my profile photo on all my social channels with the same clean and latest picture. I believe this had also helped a lot in building my social presence. If you can’t choose a photo to show yourself consistently across all your social profiles, how can people trust you?

At this important day of my EA life, I would like to thank the following people for their continuous support.

Des Daughter Diethylstilbestrol
Barry Gumm
Wayne Hurlbert
Jeroen van Zelst
Kamal Bennani
Mary E Haight
Meetu Singhal
Gerrit Bes
Gaye Crispin
Susan Davis Cushing
Kimberly Reynolds
Janet Callaway
AriadnasFantasy Embroidery
Dina J Lindquist
Tina Monod
Amy Lynn
Dubie Bacino
Debra Pearlstein
Liz Strauss

PS. As I was writing this blog, I received Century Club achievement badge.



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