Reblog: WebSphere Portal version 8 Installation Twitter chat session II

This is the second part of the WebSphere Portal version 8 Installation Social Workshop. The chat also ended our Social Workshop. Check the link for a summary of the chat. 



Does Your Credibility Show in What You Do? (Reblog)

Does Your Credibility Show in What You Do? There’s the pot and the kettle …

Not long ago, while we were listening to a talk show, a friend made a remark about a woman caller who argued a passionate opinion. She talked a bit longer than was acceptable for the the show in question. What he said was, “Anyone who can’t stop long enough to let someone else talk isn’t worth listening to.”

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WebSphere Portal version 8 Installation Social Workshop

This is a reblog to my blog on “Thoughts on Portal from Level 2 Support”,

This is the first real customer engagement since we established our social presence on Facebook,, and revamped Twitter handle @PortalSupport, or

We wish our customers to be active on social channels as well. Though this workshop is very technical, we also want to test water of social customer support and develop a brand new platform for IBM support and customers to be comfortable using social media.

The Twitter chat format is borrowed from the normal chat sessions happening everyday on Twitter, but with technical aspects injected. It would be interesting to see how it expands.

I will summarize the experience after the 3 week workshop and provide lessons learned.