Reblog: WebSphere Portal version 8 Installation Twitter chat session II

This is the second part of the WebSphere Portal version 8 Installation Social Workshop. The chat also ended our Social Workshop. Check the link for a summary of the chat. 



Does Your Credibility Show in What You Do? (Reblog)

Does Your Credibility Show in What You Do? There’s the pot and the kettle …

Not long ago, while we were listening to a talk show, a friend made a remark about a woman caller who argued a passionate opinion. She talked a bit longer than was acceptable for the the show in question. What he said was, “Anyone who can’t stop long enough to let someone else talk isn’t worth listening to.”

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WebSphere Portal version 8 Installation Social Workshop

This is a reblog to my blog on “Thoughts on Portal from Level 2 Support”,

This is the first real customer engagement since we established our social presence on Facebook,, and revamped Twitter handle @PortalSupport, or

We wish our customers to be active on social channels as well. Though this workshop is very technical, we also want to test water of social customer support and develop a brand new platform for IBM support and customers to be comfortable using social media.

The Twitter chat format is borrowed from the normal chat sessions happening everyday on Twitter, but with technical aspects injected. It would be interesting to see how it expands.

I will summarize the experience after the 3 week workshop and provide lessons learned.

#EAvChat summary 6/21/2012

  1. EmpireAve
    We will discuss how to use Klout for networking and online influence measurement today on #EavChat at 7pm EST hope you can join RT @eavchat
  2. eavmogul
    I’m really keen to find out pals views on Klout. I wanted Klout scores in the app, but they saw #EmpireAve as a competitor. #eavchat
  3. ToolsChat
    Get the chrome extension you can hover over people and see their score RT @FangFeng88: like to see #klout scores #eavchat
  4. eavmogul
    @FangFeng88 Ditto. Unfortunately it can’t happen. Least not with #Klout. If there’s enough demand, I’ll build in #PeerIndex #eavchat
  5. Question #1: Do you all see K accumulation as “influential” or should content be the deciding factor when making a leaderboard?
  6. mqtodd
    Q1 Do you all see K accumulation as “influential” or should content be the deciding factor when making a leaderboard? #eavchat
  7. danajlange
    A1 Content is king! Klout is nice, but doesn’t always reflect influence and can be manipulated. #EAvChat
  8. FangFeng88
    A1. I don’t like K to be the only measurement. NW content should be put more weights #eavchat
  9. SteveCassady
    A1) I posted picture of daughters camp picture on FB, got lot of clicks & comments, K went up 2 points. Not sure that’s influence #eavchat
  10. mqtodd
    Klout has a “content influence ” leaderboard for most topics RT @askaaronlee @stevecassady @danajlange @danijellap content for me #eavchat
  11. AskAaronLee
    @SteveCassady I always think klout as a activity measure, which in this case reflects your comments, likes, clicks etc #eavchat
  12. mqtodd
    Problem with not using K as a measurement for popularity is that topic/brand & Klout do not get traffic or promotion #eavchat
  13. mqtodd
    Visit say the Klout “Social Media” topic you see content influencers K leaders & “Best Content” #eavchat
  14. EAvChat
    Klout is bringing its own version out any day RT @stevecassady That is where @Kred has an advantage with its community influence #eavchat
  15. Question #2: How coudl we make Empire Avenue more “influential”? Alexa rankings have been steady but not rising

  16. mqtodd
    Q2 How could we make Empire Avenue more “influential”? Alexa rankings have been steady but not rising #eavchat
  17. hashtracking
    @toolschat @SteveCassady @mqtodd oh yeah! #eavchat lots of cool stuff coming and what looks like a launch for us in August!
  18. SteveCassady
    A2) What Empire Ave gives me that others don’t is a by network score. Interesting to see the mix of SM used to get results. #eavchat
  19. eavmogul
    Q2 I think if people realised how great a platform it is, it’s influence would rise. #eavchat
  20. SteveCassady
    A2) I think more support for newbies. The big boys max out quickly for good ones, no way they have capital to buy back 300 ers #eavchat
  21. eavmogul
    @EmpireAve I think a lot of people don’t get what they’re meant to do to start off with. #eavchat
  22. eavmogul
    I would suggest people need to understand to get involved in the communities. That’s how you immerse into the game quickly. #eavchat
  23. mqtodd
    From next week @qrkim and I run a live on air G hangout for newbies RT @FangFeng88 Learning curve for #EAV is sharp #eavchat
  24. Question #3: Do you have a strategy for combining Empire Avenue and Klout? (This has been useful for me

  25. mqtodd
    A3 Empire Avenue, Twitter and Klout are a great combination. Tweet after buying & also promote K leaderboards & lists #eavchat
  26. mqtodd
    You are true “engagers” – should be more #Eav & Klout points 4 tweets in chats! @AskAaronLee @SteveCassady @danajlange #eavchat
  27. SteveCassady
    @mqtodd Another advantage for Kred, you can get “Credit” for your twitter chat online communities that you have built. #eavchat
  28. Question #4: How often do you visit the Klout website? What could be made better for you there? 

  29. AskAaronLee
    @mqtodd I don’t visit klout very often. I don’t get any benefits from using it. No perks too #eavchat.
  30. eavmogul
    A4: I used to visit a lot, but got frustrated that the score didn’t reflect what I was or wasn’t doing. #eavchat
  31. sallykwitt
    I go to klout every day or so for actions from my FB groups. I tweet as a reward for ppl that buy a lot of my shares. #eavchat
  32. eavmogul
    I find Klout is one measure, but not the be all and end all. It’s a little wild west with no clear standard to gauge against. #eavchat
  33. sallykwitt
    I used to tweet everything on EAV, but I think that my twitter feed was boring then! LOL
  34. danajlange
    Tweeting K & buys really depends on personal #SM strategy. I don’t serve the game, the game serves me. Content target audience #eavchat
  35. FangFeng88
    The shareholder emails are useless to me. RT @danajlange: @sallykwitt I don’t read the emails unless I’m completely bored. #eavchat
  36. sallykwitt
    I was surprised how many people do read shareholder mails, @FangFeng88 – I don’t. I did some experiments sending them, though #eavchat
  37. danajlange
    @sallykwitt I’m just goshing with you. I can’t possibly read 14K twitter follower leads. Use # & lists for reading. #eavchat
  38. mqtodd
    I put zero requirements on myself simply stay Open, Random and Supportive RT @sallykwitt Checking daily buys, thanking? #eavchat
  39. mqtodd
    I love the kind who use Empire Avenue daily & tweet K hard out. Collaborators & connectors whose day will come #eavchat
  40. mqtodd
    OK off to give y`all K from #eavchat a/c & this one. Thanks for the insights!! This online measurement stuff is still brand new
  41. EmpireAve
    Thanks for #eavchat @coachkevette @eavmogul @SteveCassady @sallykwitt @danijellap @dkragen @thomasihall @FangFeng88 @askaaronlee @danajlange
  42. CoachKevette
    TY @EmpireAve & @eavmogul @SteveCassady @sallykwitt @danijellap @dkragen @thomasihall @FangFeng88 @askaaronlee @danajlange for the #eavchat
  43. My thoughts: Klout as a measurement for social influence has been used by many as a relative tool. Empire Avenue utilizes an entirely different approach. Its purpose is not for measuring online influence, but rather social engagement and relationship building. In my own opinion, the two serve different purposes. Effectively taking advantage of them will help you succeed in building your network and expand your influence.